foretaste of spring

these other worlds I walked
so green and full of light 
in thousand words I dream
timeless hold me tight
memories are fading
so fast get out of sight…

…saw houses growing tall
in springtime ’s early light
kept in pictures tender halls
their colours shine still bright

and foreign people shown me
their smile from honoured walls.
…and I?

…deep bottom 

of my soul…

I guess, I walked strange streets
and meant I knew them all
or did I only dream?
…are they only my impressions
so human, quiet and small?

You really mean…?

I wish I could believe
in image worlds I walk
my hand secured in yours
and we don’t need to talk.


6 Kommentare zu “foretaste of spring

  1. finbarsgift sagt:

    Very moving
    Intensely tight
    A dreamy flight
    By night
    No fight

    Just hands
    In love
    No words
    To hold an
    Eternal braid

  2. Flowermaid sagt:

    …*zustimmendnickend* LG 😀

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