Where are thou now, Mr. Blake?

Dear blogfriends,
Herewith I want to create and present some poems in english language to promote and to cement the friend-ship between United Kingdom (with Ireland and Scotland) and Germany.

Karfunkel fairy
(Übersetzung: Liebe Blogfreunde, Hiermit möchte ich einige englischsprachige Gedichte schaffen und vorstellen, um die Freundschaft zwischen dem Vereinigten Königreich (mit Irland und Schottland) zu fördern und zu festigen.)
(based on the poem: You don’t belief by Sir William Blake)


Explain me, Mr. Blake
why feel my doubts like a snake?
why my attempts like escapes?

And how could I try
in a wondrously reason
feeded and needed
by dint of grace?
Should I ask Jesus for more power to grow?
…lonesome lonely is creeping some feel of overflow…

my sparrow sings a lot
my swallow is hard-boiled
pointed out by pinky raindots

and Jesus is laughing all time long.
about my nice convenient doubts he composed a love song!
Newton asking me immediately
for a miracle right now!

In these dark and wild times
where are thou, Mr. Blake?
Is wisdoms lazy snake
determined of all doubts
because it is asleep and deaf?

you hardly got to know
the rivers of unbelief
you waked up the asleeped
you kissed them with your depth
and while they rest their life in dreams
they overslept your death


2 Kommentare zu “Where are thou now, Mr. Blake?

  1. sevens2 sagt:

    Stop cementing friend-ships. That won’t go anywhere.

    • karfunkelfee sagt:

      To cement a friend-ship found my dictionary Cassell’s for the meaning to make a friend-ship stronger and deeper.
      Maybe ‚cementing‘ is the wrong word?

      You are right: to make a friend -ship immoveable would be no good way, it won’t work..

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