Quadrille: ghost rider


Dear blogfriends,

My today’s quadrille ghost poem is the product of my work with 44 words and theme: ghost, given by Kim 881 from dVerse Poets Pub, many thanks to you! Sending you many warm greetings from Germany,

I remain

Yours Karfunkel fairy


(Liebe blogfreunde, mein heutiges Quadrille-Geistergedicht ist ein Produkt meiner Arbeit mit 44 Worten und dem Thema: Geist, das Kim881 von den dVerse Poets ausgegeben hat, vielen Dank!. Ich sende Euch viele herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland, Eure Karfunkelfee)



my ghosty therapy machine
makes me mostly inside clean

my bike my sure true valentine
i love you riding you’re so fine!

two wheels one choice
and chilly wide the glee

the wood, the trees, their windy voice
this light, my ghost and me



Many greetings from the Karfunkel fairy from the Teutocastleforest in North (Wild!) Western Germany



27 Kommentare zu “Quadrille: ghost rider

  1. Welcome to dVerse. I had never heard of that particular brand of MTB, but I do share your joy in bikes (though it’s mostly commuting to work). At the moment it involves shortcutting on ice… 🙂

    • karfunkelfee sagt:

      Hello and Thank you for your welcome and commenting words.Ghost is a German bycicle manufacturer in Waldsassen, Oberpfalz. Also my Road bike is a ghost. Even a little rest of ice remained in thin plates on the lake.🙂
      Today was my first ride without snow 🤗

  2. Sternchen sagt:

    Sounds great!

  3. frankhubeny sagt:

    Nice view of your bike as a therapy machine and a ghost.worthy of a valentine.

  4. kim881 sagt:

    Your love poem to your ghostly bike reminds me of a novel by the Irish writer Flann O’Brien, The Third Policeman. Yours sounds like a healthy relationship! I love those final lines. Ich sende Dir auch viele herzliche Grüße aus England!

    • karfunkelfee sagt:

      Kim, you are in England!

      Your German is awsome and I will read Flann O’Brien, hope I can find him …
      Thank you for commenting-
      Und ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Abend.
      Herzliche Grüße✨

      • karfunkelfee sagt:

        P.S. for Kim: I found you living in North Norfolk and now my ears are flaming in a hot red. I read your profile. May I ask where in Germany you lived for eight years? Sorry, I am curious. Many greetings to North Norfolk in UK from the geografically walking (and biking) disaster, the Karfunkel fairy.

  5. whimsygizmo sagt:

    I love the sound of this:
    „and chilly wide the glee“

    So glad to meet you over at dVerse!
    Thanks for taking me on this refreshing ride.

    • karfunkelfee sagt:

      I am an excited visitor of the dVerse poets pub and from time to time I take active part with a haibun or quadrille.
      Love your poems and ideas ✨
      It was a pleasure for me to take you on this ride, today a lot of chilly glee…
      at the lakeside.

  6. Janice sagt:

    I used to love cycling so can fully relate to your poem. I like ‚makes me mostly inside clean‘.

    • karfunkelfee sagt:

      ….yes, it is some Kind of Clean, as the ride is so intensively, it enables me to forget all busy and all other obligations. A light feel. Thank you for your words and your coming.
      May I ask you this…why ‚used to love ‚? This is past…? Many greetings✨

      • Janice sagt:

        Well I moved to an area where the roads are either rock, gravel and mud or for high speed traffic … neither of which appeal to me. My happy cycling years were in a small city (Ottawa) with beautiful cycle paths along waterways.

  7. Grace sagt:

    Nice to meet you and Welcome to D’verse ~

    Good that its therapeutic for you and keeps you fine ~ Would love to walk and hike in that forest ~

    • karfunkelfee sagt:

      Dear Grace, hello. I now Follow d’Verse for more than a half year. I am a very rare guest in self-writing and posting with you and Mr. Linky, but I visit the pub regularly for reading. Yes, biking and also walking and dancing are form of therapy for body, senses and soul…Writing is such a sitting job…and I need many movement….
      …oh, I am sure, you would like this forest. It is a deep and magic one :o)

  8. sanaarizvi sagt:

    Love your take on the prompt 🙂

  9. kanzensakura sagt:

    Nice to meet you. Welcome to dVerse! I do like your love poem to your bicycle and the pics you shared. I am not into biking but I do love walking among the trees, climbing them…loving them.

    • karfunkelfee sagt:

      The pleasure is on my side. Thank you for your welcome! You are a tree climber? Awesome! I love the trees, too. And I am totally crazy with my ghosts…😬
      Many greetings to you

      • kanzensakura sagt:

        🙂 I love to climb trees in all kinds of weather and sometimes I take my violin to play while sitting in the lap of one of my favorite trees. I think they enjoy it.

      • karfunkelfee sagt:

        You draw a poetic picture inside my head ..surely trees enjoy your music. But in which way do you transport the fragile violin up into the tree, when you need your hands for climbing? On your back, safed with a belt…?

  10. Olga sagt:

    Your enthusiasm and poetry is so delightful. Love your photos also. Greetings from Canada. ❤

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